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Current Projects   Completed Between 1997 and 2012

2013 Major Capital Projects list

Classroom Expansion: Straub and Earl Halls

Erb Memorial Union Expansion and Renovation

Huestis Basement Expansion and Renovation

Robert and Beverly Lewis Integrative Science Building
       [Integrative Science Complex, Phase 2]

Allan Price Science Commons and Research Library Remodel and Expansion

Straub Hall Deferred Maintenance and Seismic Upgrade

Student Recreation Center Expansion and Renovation

University Housing Central Kitchen/Woodshop

UO Campus Physical Framework Vision Project


Conceptual Studies

  • EMU Preliminary Historic Assessment
    - This preliminary assessment identifies the historic significance of the Erb Memorial Union's landscape features, exterior facades, and interior spaces. Final Revised December 2011

  • Many Nations Longhouse Conceptual Plan
    - This conceptual study analyzes the Many Nations Longhouse expansion and opportunities for the buildout of the Expression Place and Many Nations Longhouse Axis. December 2010

  • Museum of Natural and Cultural History Phase 3 Reassessment Conceptual Design Report
    - This study re-examined the previous phase 3 conceptual study for the museum's Research Division expansion and its related support spaces, and the completion of surface site access. December 2011

  • Residence Hall Feasibility and Market Demand Study
    - This study analyzes the market demand for on-campus student housing and the financial feasibility of the university’s housing goals. September 2011

  • Residence Hall Modernization Study
    - This conceptual study provides the UO with possible development options for the next residence hall and scenarios for future build-out of the residence hall system. Annotated Map. August 2011

  • University Street Feasibility Study
    - This feasibility study examines extending the academic campus between 15th and 18th Avenues along University Street to include the Student Recreation Center, PE/Rec Department, the Department of Human Physiology, general classrooms, and the School of Architecture & Allied Arts. March 2012



15th Avenue Improvements
18th & Agate Student Housing

818 East 15th Avenue
Allen Hall Renovation
(phases 3, 4 & 5)

Allen Hall Expansion & Remodel
Anstett (formerly Gilbert) Hall Renovation
(School of) Architecture and Allied Arts Additions
      and Alterations

Autzen Stadium Expansion
Bowerman Family Building
Campus Development Project
Campus Diagnosis Studies
Campus Heritage Landscape Plan
Campus Outdoor Lighting Plan
Campus Plan Update
Campus Tree Plan
(Len) Casanova Center
(Earl A.) Chiles Business Center
Computing Center Remodel
East Campus Development Policy Update
East Campus Framework Study
East Campus Graduate Village
(College of) Education Additions and Alterations:
        Lorry I Lokey Education Building and HEDCO Education         Building

EMU Master Plan
Erb Memorial Union Food Service and Recreation
          Center Improvements
Erb Memorial Union Amphitheater
Erb Memorial Union Elevator
Erb Memorial Union Outdoor Program Trip Facility
Fenton Hall Deferred Maintenance & Renovation
fMRI Facility/Straub Hall Additions and Alterations
(Cheryl Ramberg-Ford and Allyn) Ford Alumni Center
Global Scholars Hall (formerly East Campus Residence Hall)

Heart of Campus
Housing Strategic Plan
(Lee) Kelly Scupture
(William W.) Knight Law Center
Knight Library Additions and Alterations
Lillis Hall/Gilbert Hall Additions and Alterations, Phase 3
Living Learning Center
Lorry I. Lokey Laboratories
        (Integrative Science Complex Phase 1)
Many Nations Longhouse
McArthur Court Improvements
McArthur Court Report
McKenzie Hall Renovation (Campus Development
       Project (stage 2)
Miller Theatre Complex Expansion and Alterations
(Ed) Moshofshy Sports Center (Intercollegiate Athletic
       Facilities Improvements Phase 1 (including the
       Moshofsky Indoor Practice Facility)

(Ed) Moshofsky (Intercollegiate Athletic Facilities Phase 2)
Moss Street (East Campus) Children's Center
(Jordan Schnitzer) Museum of Art Additions and Alterations

Museum of Natural and Cultural History Exhibit Design

Museum of Natural and Cultural History North Addition
Museum of Natural and Cultural History
        [OSMA] Curation Expansion Facility

[School of] Music Additions and Alterations Project
OIMB (Loyd and Dorothy) Rippey Library
OIMB Terwilliger Lab Remodel
Peterson Hall Renovation
P.K. Park Baseball Stadium
Powell Plaza (Hayward Field)

Residential Area Conceptual Study
Science Facilities Additions and Alterations Complex
Shire Retreat and Study Center
Southgate Entrance
Southgate Improvements
Spencer View Family Housing
Student Recreation and Fitness Center (phases 1 and 2)
Student Recreation and Fitness Center Concept Study
Sustainable Development Plan
Tennis Courts Relocation/Upgrades to PARS Field
       and 400-meter Track
University Health and Counseling Center Additions and
University Street Axis Framework Study
UO Parking Plan
Vivian Olum Child Development Center
Zebrafish Stock Center

Last Updated: August 21, 2014