Erb Memorial Union Expansion and Renovation
View from 13th Avenue, June 2013. Rendering courtesy of SERA Architects.
Current Status


Project Timeline

Construction: August 2014 - Summer 2016

Project Summary

Location:  1222 E. 13th Avenue. The expansion site is presumed over the existing 1970s wing.

Size: The existing EMU is approximately 223,000 gross square feet. The proposed expansion and renovation is anticipated to be 250,888 gross square feet total building project.

Legislative Authorization:

Expenditure Limitation:

Funding: $95 million total project cost consisting of gifts and student building fees.

Architect: SERA Architects

Construction Manager/General Contractor: Lease Crutcher Lewis

Project Planner: Martina Oxoby, Campus Planning, Design & Construction, (541)346-5880
                        Fred Tepfer, Campus Planning, Design & Construction, (541) 346-5564

Construction Project Manager: Janet Lobue, Campus Planning, Design & Construction, (541) 346-5259

Project Description

The project received a positive student referendum in fall 2012. The project has been authorized to continue design efforts with a $95M total project budget; however, it is moving forward without the expansion of a Concert Hall as part of the program and project. (February 2013)

The EMU Expansion and Renovation project, as currently envisioned, includes substantial renovation of the better functioning and repairable portions of the building, likely to include preservation of sections most historically and architecturally compelling, and demolition, reconstruction, and seismic strategies for the remainder of the building. The vision is to create an expanded university center, providing programs, services, and spaces that are fully aligned with and supportive of the academic mission and values of the institution.

In supplement to other current building uses, special attention will be directed to the design of the following functional spaces/areas:

Student organizational space to include a variety of centers or suites, student union spaces, and shared student organization space that extends the building's capacity to support ASUO recognized student organizations.
Expanded conference facilities to accommodate campus departmental or professional organization gatherings, as well as public conference use to generate income and help reduce reliance on student fees.
Added meeting space for general student and campus departmental use.
A 1,000-seat concert hall with superior acoustic design. Removed from project (February 2013)
A computer lab and extended smart building infrastructure.
Expanded retail foods and general retail space.
A campus pub with food and beverage service appropriately placed within the building to facilitate social gatherings and celebrations commensurate with the building's heart of campus location.
Public spaces commensurate with a major university building and campus university center adequate to support high volume daily use, large performances, conferences, exhibits, and display of art.

2003 Erb Memorial Union Master Plan by MHTN Architects
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Last Updated: February 12, 2015