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Campus Planning and Real Estate manages the creation of spaces that support and enhance
teaching, research and public service activities at the University of Oregon.

University Architect Chris Ramey has been appointed Associate Vice President for Campus Planning and Real Estate. Ramey most recently served as senior director of the University Planning Office, which is being reorganized.

The most significant aspect of the reorganization is creation of a real estate division. The real estate and asset management division will actively work with university partners to identify strategic properties to advance the university's mission and future growth needs. Together with the campus planning and project planning divisions that also fall under Ramey's direction, the real estate division will aid in the university's decision-making process as it continues a period of unprecedented growth.

Campus Planning  
  • Preserving the integrity of the campus by maintaining and administering the university's Campus Plan.
  • Guiding development of the university's capital construction program.
  • Preparing the Biennial Capacity Plan, which ensures that sufficient capacity exists for future growth.
  • Advising the Campus Planning Committee and coordinating its activities
Project Design Management  
  • Managing large construction projects through the design phase, including defining the project, appointing the user group, hiring the architect, managing the design process, and securing the necessary university and non-university approvals.
  • Reviewing all proposals that affect the appearance of the campus to determine proper approval processes.
  • Ensuring compliance with laws, regulations, administrative rules, codes, and standards for construction and renovation projects.
  • Ensuring progress toward a campus free of physical barriers to people with disabilities.
  • Representing the university to the Oregon University System, city, and state on matters relating to campus development.
Space Management
  • Helping campus units find specific space solutions.
  • Maintaining a space inventory as a basis on which to formulate the university's Facilities and Administrative Cost rate and to inform the decisions related to the allocation of space, facilities needs, and program planning.
  • Analyzing space allocation proposals.
How Our Services Contribute:  
  1. We preserve the visual beauty of campus, which is a strong recruiting tool for students, staff, and faculty alike.
  2. We save money by ensuring the best value and advising on efficiencies of space utilization and efficiencies of construction.
  3. We will take an idea and make it into something which appeals to donors and other potential funding agencies, including the state legislature.
  4. We are experienced facilitators and can help build concensus to ensure that whole units and other appropriate members of the university community are on board with a proposed project.
  5. We will help guide a project through its various phases, including legislature approval, architect selection, and design.
  6. We negotiate through the maze of regulations, rules, codes, and standards governing building design and renovation to protect you and the university against noncompliance.
Essentially, the challenge of our task is to deliver the vision of the deans, directors, and department heads, while responding to the needs of individual campus users and preserving the beauty of campus.

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